Rep. Johnson discusses COVID-19 economic relief package

Legislation intended to create transparency in medical bills sent to patients and to rein in predatory medical debt collectors would require doctors and medical facilities to provide timely and clear bills for clients. (Source: MGN)
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Rep. Bill Johnson of Marietta said Wednesday that he and his colleagues were waiting on word from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on when and how a vote could take place on the economic rescue bill expected to pass in the Senate by the end of the day.

The bill would send $2 trillion into the American economy. Johnson said individuals would receive $1,200 under the bill and an additional $500 per child in a family. Congress has also been working to open up low interest loans for small businesses struggling during the outbreak. Johnson says those should be easy to payback.

“If they spend the money on the things that they’re supposed to spend it on, like payroll, normal business expenses, rent, leases, operating costs, those things, they can get those loans forgiven over time,” Johnson said.

Johnson spoke favorably of the bill, saying even though there is a big price tag, there is no country more prepared to pay that price than the U.S.

“We’ve got to make some smart business decisions to make it through this,” Johnson said. “So yeah, it’s a big price tag, but we’re at war with an unseen enemy who takes no prisoners, and we’ve got to fight it.”

On top of economic relief, Johnson said the bill would help healthcare workers by relieving the regulatory burdens.