Congressman Bill Johnson visits local school

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BEVERLY, Ohio (WTAP)- Congressman Bill Johnson visited Fort Frye High School to talk to students today.
His visit was one of several planned for students in 11th grade where local leaders will visit and give talks to the students about leadership.
For some of the students like Hope Douglas she was very excited that such an accomplished person was visiting the school.
“It’s mind blowing, like you’re like from this little town and you don’t think you are ever going to meet anyone big like that and its just like “oh wow I’m meeting someone this big””.
Congressman Johnson talked about how the younger generation will become the leaders of America in the coming years and about his life journey and how it lead to him being involved in politics.
“I think it was pretty cool to hear his story about how he came up from being a normal farmer going up to the air force and going all the way up to a congressman now.”
When talking to Johnson he mentioned the importance of giving presentations like this.
“So it is important we help them get ready for that transition so I love doing this and I love the questions that they ask.”
From Beverly Ohio, Cory Smith This is home.