Couple gets married at Ohio airport

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (NBC) - Where luggage sometimes goes to get lost, love was found.

A large crowd gathered in baggage claim at the Cleveland Airport to witness the union of Ron Peterson and his bride Michelle.

They first met at baggage claim number six, way back in 2007.

When the two decided to take the next step, they knew exactly where they should get married, baggage claim six.

"It's exciting. But there's so much going on I think it'll hit me later. It's amazing. Clearly I'm getting the better end of the deal,” said Ron and Michelle Peterson, the newlyweds.

"We were going to show up, we were going to get married, and be out of here before security showed up. It was going to be much smaller. Luckily, they cooperated and this is the far better choice.”

The airport was more than willing to help with the ceremony, shutting down two baggage claim areas to accommodate almost 130 guests helping the newlyweds land their perfect wedding.

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