Couple given month of September to clean up property

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A husband and wife are given 30 days to clean up property they own in Wood County.

Neighbors alerted the Wood County Compliance Office about the structures located on Lost Pavement Road.

They have been described as being littered with trash, including drug paraphernalia, and general filth.

An engineer's report describes the properties-a small home and trailers-as "collapsed, unsafe and unfit for occupancy".

In the words of Wood County Commission President Blair Couch: "There's nothing more that we want than for this property to be cleaned, and made secure, so there is no more drug use."

It was the county commission who gave the 30-day ultimatum to the property owners.

Compliance Officer Sarah Farnsworth, meanwhile, outlined problems with another property on Barnstable Drive in Parkersburg, while noting several problem sites have been cleaned up this summer.