DAY TWO: Mormon Choir and Moab

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Moab, UT (WTAP)-- This is my personal blog entry and not a news story. As a result, it does not reflect the opinion of the station, my family nor anyone else.

What a difference a sound 8 hour sleep makes! The Marriott Hotel on Temple Square in Salt Lake City is beautiful, and obviously well positioned.

When we pulled up, we found costumed characters (fans) streaming out of the adjacent Convention Center dressed as everything from superheroes to animated game characters. It's a stark contrast to the stayed and conservative image of Utah that one can get.

Sunday morning we attended the performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in their regular half hour live TV performance. It is the church president's 95th birthday, and the love seems quite genuine. Great music and images in a quality performance. A definite high point to start the trip.

We board our motor coach and begin south on I-15 toward Provo and Price, Utah. We spot the worlds largest copper mine on one side of the bus, and on the mountains, large letters "U", "Y", "G", etc, in support of each university or suburb... (for University of Utah, Brigham Young U, or similar high schools) have constructed them.

A brief stop at the Wal-Mart in Price allows us to pick up needed items. Of four HTML cables, I found two had failed and must be replaced. Others bought lip balm, a carry bag, snacks, athletic socks or sun hats, etc.

Then onto Moab, in the Canyonlands. The air is hot, but the A/C on the motor coach is pleasant. We have crossed from pleasantly cool SLC where there were light showers, to heavy rain near American Fork, and now dust devils and warm, dry conditions.

Along the way, we sported a dust devil and the Book Cliff Mountains. And the topography looks like the opening scene of Jurassic Park and the dinosaur dig. Moab is known for fossils, gems, and the canyons and nearby arches.

We broke for two hours at the Archway Inn, and after a brief stroll around the property, we prepared for dinner. I broke a sweat in a dry 93 degree heat, and had to freshen up.

We enjoyed a nice baked chicken dinner at the Moab Brewery resturant and the returned for the night. The town is bigger than I remember, with many more hotels and a wider main street than 32 years ago. But the canyons are eternal. And tomorrow we will go to look at the Arches National Park

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