DUI simulator at Parkersburg High School features local motivational speaker

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. Students at Parkersburg High School experienced what it feels like when you drink and drive courtesy of a DIU simulator brought to the school Thursday.

The simulator comes from the State of West Virginia Department of Revenue Alcohol Beverage Control Administration and educates students on drug and alcohol impairment, as well as DUI laws.

A local motivational speaker and PHS grad, Rich Walters, spoke to the teens about his battle with drugs and how he was able to overcome after going down a dark road.

Walters says PHS is home and any chance he has to encourage students to not go down the same path he did, he takes it.

"I just love to be able to come out and pour into these kids, said Walters. "These kids see a lot of negativity in their day to day lives. I know they do, so it's important for me to come back in here and shed some positivity on everything they have going on".

In three years’ time the traveling simulator will visit every high school in West Virginia.