Day One-- The LONG travel day

Salt Lake City, UT (WTAP)-- This is my personal blog, and is NOT a news story. As such it is my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the station, my family nor anyone else. Some people have problems understanding that this is a personal blog.

Day One—The long travel day.

I won’t kid you. The first day is in some ways the hardest of the days.

We started our day at 4 a.m. after opting to stay in a Parkersburg area hotel. This was to prevent us from getting up in the middle of the night and driving an hour to catch the 5 a.m. motor coach departure.

I didn’t sleep well, tossing and turning, thinking about the trip and the alarm to come.

But, we were all assembled five minutes early, and so started with 15 from Parkersburg. We picked up another 17 in Marietta, and four more from Knoxville were to join us in Atlanta.

We rode the three hours to the Pittsburg Airport, plus a half hour stop in the Caldwell area McDonald's for some much-needed coffee and breakfast. Feeling somewhat refreshed, we continued onward.

The two hour flight to Atlanta was uneventful, except I kept nodding off and couldn’t stretch out enough to keep myself asleep. It was rough.

A three hour layover in Atlanta allowed us to collect our other two couples, and now our group totals 36, plus tour director Jill and bus driver Larry (who meets us in Salt Lake City).

Again, I try to nap on the 3 hour flight but keep waking myself up. Eventually, I give in and start to watch the in-flight movie “Shazam”. I get all but 15 minutes finished when we touchdown in Salt Lake City.

Now, I should tell you that when first married 32 year ago, my new bride and I lived in Salt Lake for a year, and it holds many fond memories for me. In some ways, I wish had not left when we did. But “the road not taken” is always more attractive, and I find myself wondering how very different our life and family would be if we had stayed among the Mormon culture here. (No, we are not Mormon. Some have asked.)

Tomorrow is Sunday, and a special treat awaits us. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is rehearsing and performing in Temple Square, only two blocks from our hotel. We will sit in on their rehearsal before starting our bus trip to Price and Moab, Utah to see the canyonlands.

PS: I am attempting some Facebook Live updates during this trip, but cameras are not permitted in the temple. I may not have wifi for much of this trip, and have found Facebook Live feed to be a tricky venture at best. So we shall see what can be done.

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