Parkersburg business suffers fourth break-in

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PARKERSBURG W.Va. (WTAP) - Dean's Screens Ink, a screen-printing store in Parkersburg, was broken into and robbed early Saturday morning.

Security footage shows an unidentified man breaking through a window and rummaging around the store for a couple of minutes before leaving.

Store owner Dean Taylor said it's the fourth time his business has been broken into. This time, he estimated the damage to be about $500.

Taylor said authorities have been very cooperative in helping search for a suspect.

Since the robberies started happening,Taylor said he has installed more security, including bars on the windows and extra cameras both inside and outside of the business.

Taylor said is frustrated with the break-ins and added that it is difficult for small businesses to succeed when situations like this occur.

"It just seems that the harder that we small businesses work, the tougher it gets," Taylor said. "That's a $500 expense that's going to be hard to recoup. And that's for any and all small businesses. It's tough on us anymore."

Taylor said anyone with possible information about the suspect should contact the store or the Parkersburg Police Department.