Discovery channel travel show filming episode in Marietta

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - A popular travel show on the Discovery Channel is filming an episode on Marietta this week

"What we’re looking for is that small town Americana feeling," creator Nick Kessler said.

Kessler and Brian Fulmer, co-hosts of the show have been in town since Sunday, shooting an episode on what makes the Pioneer City so special. Both men, teachers from Pennsylvania, travel the country highlighting small towns, their histories and their quirks.

"We want to have it as a sounding board for the nation to give these places representation," Kessler said.

Fulmer says choosing towns is tough. Marietta’s brick and downtown streets caught his eye while researching.

"Marietta, Ohio, just stood out," Fulmer said. "So I called Nick, we were both teaching at the time, I said hey take a look at this one and he was like absolutely."

"You take a look at that Front Street where the Lafayette hotel," Kessler added, "and even other offshoot streets. It’s storybook, it’s beautiful."

Both men consider themselves historians and were amazed when visiting local Sewah Studios, which makes historical markers for places all across the country.

"Almost 80 percent of them are made by Sewah," Kessler said, "and this is something that every American comes in contact with."

Both men come from small towns. They say they created the show to put a spotlight back on small towns that make this country what it is.

"We want to share not only our small towns with everyone but we want to share other small towns with the nation," Fulmer said.

"We are both educators," Kessler said. "We’ve just expanded our classroom to the nation, that’s what we want to do inform you, where to go, give you the knowledge, take it from there."

The episode will air as part of season three in April 2020.