Driver grazed with bullet after accidental discharge in Parkersburg


Tyler Garner of Parkersburg was handling a 9 millimeter firearm in his home on the 1200 block of Broadway Avenue when, police believe, it was accidentally fired through the front door of the home around noon on Saturday.

The bullet went through the window of a passing by truck and passed between the head rest and head of the driver and through the passenger’s side head rest.

The bullet grazed the back of the head of the driver of the truck.

The driver is believed to have non-life threatening injuries and the passenger in truck is believed to be uninjured.

"I guess the point of the story or the message of the day for this type of event is, if you're unfamiliar with the weapon or firearm… especially if you're very unfamiliar with it, don't play with a loaded weapon or a loaded gun,” says Joe Martin, Parkersburg Police Chief.

Garner was charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm within the city limits and was released on bond.

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