Earth Day celebration held for the 20th year

MARIETTA, OH (WTAP)- Earth Day may not be until Monday but Marietta celebrated a bit early with a hands-on educational opportunity.

The 20th annual Earth Day celebration was held on the Armory lawn.

Nearly 25 vendors were in attendance and many had interactive projects to teach kids about resource conservation and what they can do to help save the planet.

Organizers say that they feel that instilling a love for nature at a young age is imperative for the future of resource conservation.

“Each station is related to something that can help preserve the earth…and I think it’s very important for kids to learn the importance of preserving nature and preserving water and learn all about those items,” notes Connie Grimes, a member of the Earth Day committee.

The event was held in honor of Marilyn Ortt, a past event organizer with a passion for saving the planet.