Emergency Vehicle Training course held to train first responders

PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- When most people think about the jobs of first responders, they think about fighting fires, performing CPR, and saving lives. However, there are other important elements of the job that are just as vital.

The Wood County Fire School held an Emergency Vehicle Training course on Sunday afternoon at WVU Parkersburg.

The classroom learning portion of the course was completed Saturday. On Sunday, students drove different vehicles through obstacle courses that simulate different driving challenges.

The course instructor urges that, in addition to learning how to operate and maneuver a large vehicle, it is important to teach students how to make sure they are seen by other drivers on the road.

“Basically, making sure that operating these first response vehicles, it’s really critical that you make sure that the public does see you and is paying attention to you as you’re operating through the areas that you’re going to respond to,” says Michael Daley, the course instructor.

The course in total is 16 hours long.

Each of the students must pass the course in order to be certified by their individual agencies to operate each piece of equipment.

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