Excedrin donates $7,000 to fundraiser to hold parade if Browns finish 0-16

The GoFundMe page for Chris McNeil's "Cleveland Browns Parade" fundraiser.
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) - Aspirin maker Excedrin donated over $7,000 to complete a fundraiser to pay for a parade if the Cleveland Browns finish the season with a "perfect" winless record.

Cleveland sports fan Chris McNeil created a GoFundMe account in late October to raise $10,000 to pay for a Jan. 6 parade to celebrate a Cleveland Browns 0-16 season, which has occurred just once in NFL history.

New Jersey-based GSK Consumer Healthcare, the manufacturer of Excedrin, said Thursday it would kick in $7,683 to complete the effort because the company wants Browns fans to know "we understand their pain."

The Browns are 0-12 with four games remaining.

McNeil says if the Browns actually win a game this season, the donations will be given to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

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