Facebook post raises $15,000 for homeless shelter beds

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The growing homeless population in our community can sleep a little sounder, thanks to generous donations made by area businesses.

The Latrobe Street Mission recently got money to purchase 11 new beds for its women's dorm. The Mission then took to Facebook, asking for help to get 22 more for the men's dorm. 12 hours after the post was made, all 22 beds were pledged for by area businesses and individuals, raising over $15,000.

Latrobe Street Mission says the community is always quick to help when they have a need, but they never expected this quick of a response.

Executive Director, Steve Clay, says, “I think they were donated by somebody when the mission first started and they were old then, they were wooden beds. The new beds have metal frames the mattresses are water resistant, bed bug resistant, they're a very high tech mattress. The metal frames don't give the bed bugs a place to hide.”

Tuesday night, the Latrobe Street Mission was just shy of full capacity, with 8 children staying at the shelter. They say they're always accepting donations of any kind to help them out.

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