February 2020 Jan Dils Golden Apple Award Winners: Barbara and Andy Sleek

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 11:04 AM EST
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For the first time ever, two teachers have been selected as the Jan Dils Golden Apple award winners for the month of February

Husband and wife Andy and Barbara Sleek are teachers at Fort Frye High School and have nearly 60 years of teaching experience combined.

Both teach math and coach extracurricular activities.

Having spent their entire careers teaching at Fort Frye, they say that having a passion for their students and subjects are keys to their success.

“My best advice is to find somewhere where you love the kids because it’s really about the kids and that’s what’s kept us here,” says Barbara.

“When you find something that you have a passion for and you can relate that passion to your students, then it becomes the best job in the world,” adds Andy.

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