Update: Lawmakers seeking back pay for TSA workers

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTAP) - 3/14/2019

The partial government shutdown ended in late January, but several Democratic U.S. Senators say several federal government workers still haven't been reimbursed for the pay they lost during that time.

Of concern are workers for the Transportation Safety Administration who manned airport security during the shutdown that began just before Christmas.

The senators want the agency to identify those owed back pay and correct the problem by their next pay day.

"They've gotten no back pay, and that's shameful," said Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, "because these are $12-14 an hour workers who didn't get paid for five weeks. And how are they supposed to make that up?"

Media reports say 1,000 TSA employees still have not received their full back pay from the 35-day shutdown.


With a bill being proposed by the President to temporarily open the government, TSA agents at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport were still working this morning without pay.
During the 35 days that the government has been shut down, the 13 TSA agents at the airport have been working without receiving a single paycheck.
Unlike other airports, the air traffic controllers are contracted so they were never affected by the government shutdown.
During the shutdown, people in the community have stepped up and bought lunch for TSA workers at the airport while they have been working without pay.
Federal employees are expected to receive back pay according to President Trump’s address earlier this afternoon.

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