Film about DuPont, C8 premieres in Parkersburg

Published: Oct. 21, 2018 at 7:50 PM EDT
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A film that hits home for the Mid-Ohio Valley makes its premiere in Parkersburg.

The community came out to the Smoot Theatre in downtown Parkersburg Saturday night to watch “The Devil We Know.”

The film alleges the DuPont corporation knowingly dumped poisonous chemicals into the air and public water for decades. It shows how Parkersburg residents take on DuPont and how the corporation’s actions affected other American cities.

Those involved with the film say it’s time to talk about hidden toxic threats.

"It’s a story of a failure of a company," said Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group.

"It's a failure of the government to be careful when a great technology that helped you shed water from clothing and shed oil from furniture and create non-stick pans, all of those wonderful characteristics of products that we have taken for granted there was a dark side underneath that and that dark side was the toxic effect of these chemicals and the fact that they were contaminated across the world.”

DuPont released the following statement about the film:

"DuPont is aware of the documentary, however, we were not involved in the production and have not seen the film. We recognize the important role of filmmakers and documentarians; however, the record on this particular issue, surrounding litigation and subsequent settlements spans more than 20 years and is well documented.

DuPont has always acted responsibly based on the scientific consensus at the time, and our commitment to safety, health and environmental stewardship is essential to everything we do."

The film can be downloaded on iTunes and will be available on Netflix in January 2019.

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