First ever Mid-Ohio Valley Record Show draws vendors and collectors area

VIENNA, W.Va (WTAP)- A show that’s the first of its kind held in the Mid-Ohio Valley gave attendees a chance to take home some nostalgia.

“We have the first ever Mid-Ohio Valley Record Show. There’s over 20 vendors from all over the place and everybody coming together for their love of music and records and CD’s and vinyl and just wanted to get together and have a way to bring records back into the Mid-Ohio Valley,” explains Aaron Whited, one of the event organizers of the record show.

The vendors, traveling in from as far as Illinois and Baltimore, brought a large selection.

“Anything from country, blue grass, rock, psychedelic-type music. Anything you can think of, you’ll find it here,” says Josh Weekley, a customer.

In a time where you can store thousands of songs in the palm of your hand, it may seem irrational to invest in vinyl. But Whited say it’s worth it.

“It’s the act of being able to hold something physically. We had mp3s, but now they’re going out of style because a lot of people want to feel it. They want to hold it, they want to smell it, go through the effort of taking it out of the sleeve, putting it on the turn table and going through all that extra effort."

“I kind of look at it as like…baseball cards. It’s a baseball card you can listen to. We take them home, we clean them up, we listen to them, we out them online, see how much they’re worth and it’s an experience. You put headphones in and listen to an mp3, it’s one thing. But if you sit in your home and listening to your record, it’s kind of a full experience instead of piece-meal ‘what’s top 40 today’,” Weekley adds.

Some record enthusiasts feel that they are capturing a small piece of history with every spin.

“To sit down and listen to a record as it was originally recorded is special. There’s something about it. The people that don’t understand never will. The people that do will be at a show like this,” he continues.