First freeze expected tonight could affect local plants

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - The Mid-Ohio Valley is expecting its first freeze tonight but how should you keep your plants healthy?
Temperatures tonight are expected to hit at or below freezing over the next few nights in the Mid-Ohio Valley.
This shouldn’t affect grass or trees too much but shrubs and flowers can be effected.
While you can cover some plants to keep them safe from the colder temperatures others should be brought inside to keep them healthy.
“It is October 31st and tomorrow November so we’ve been blessed with some abnormal weather for a long time so now with Mother Nature getting more rain and freezing temperatures if you really want to enjoy any tropical or annuals you have out in the landscape you might want to bring them in. Even by covering them the annuals are not going to make it.”
Along with the cold temperatures many trees have begun to lose their leaves.
Dave says that it is important to rake up any leaf coverage as they can be detrimental to lawn health.