Foster care bill passes WV House

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) The House of Delegates has overwhelmingly approved a bill making changes to West Virginia's foster care system.

The proposal would give families at least $900a month for each child adopted. It also sets up a foster care bill of rights, ensuring children and parents understand their rights in the state's foster care system.

A worker for a local foster care facility says the bill is long overdue.

"This type of legislation is really going to go a long way if it is passed," says Melinda Waterman, State Supervisor for Blueprints Foster Care, "in allowing private agencies to have more funding, to pass forward the care of foster children to the parents and their per diems that they get. It also allows agencies to have additional revenues to spend on recruitment for new foster families, which is greatly needed right now."

.Delegates voted 96-1 Tuesday to approve the bill. Republican Del. Pat McGeehan was the lone no vote after he was told the measure would cost the state around $17 million.

It now goes on to the state Senate.