Fracking protest has "Alice in Wonderland" theme

Published: Jun. 7, 2016 at 4:35 PM EDT
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A tea party with a toxic theme.

All part of the ongoing protest against fracking.

Demonstrators once again lined U.S. route 50 in Athens County-this time using an "Alice in Wonderland" theme to speak out against fracking.

The protest was a short distance from the K&H well site, which opponents claim took in the largest amount of toxic waste in 2015.

"Ohio is being sent down a rabbit hole, and, please, stop it from being a toxic radioactive rabbit hole," said demonstrator Felicia Mettler, who along with her daughters, were costumed as "Alice" characters. "And Gov. (John) Kasich can, if he so chooses, stop allowing this."

The demonstrators were joined by people from neighboring Washington County.

While not connected to Tuesday's protest, there's also opposition to a plan allowing drilling in the Wayne National Forest, which includes Athens and Washington Counties.