Franklin Elementary teachers have parade

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 12:48 AM EDT
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The pandemic has stood in the way of many places with large gatherings. One of them that is the most impacted are the schools.

And with the end to the school year having happened to the staff of Franklin Elementary, one of their teachers, Michelle Tyo, found inspiration in how to see these students once again. After seeing numerous posts of teachers doing a parade and seeing the children that go to their schools, the staff decided to do the same thing.

They began at five o'clock in the afternoon from their school and rode on a route to see the neighborhoods of children that they taught at the elementary school. Children were lined up on the sidewalks with their parents waving and holding up signs reading "WE MISS YOU" and with teachers showcasing their own signs reading the same thing.

It was something that meant the most to the staff who had been without seeing their students for months now and won't be able to see them at the end of their school year. But they were able to get their closure in a memorable way.

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