Fairness Parkersburg says non-discrimination fight isn't over

Published: Aug. 22, 2017 at 10:25 PM EDT
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Despite the Tuesday evening rain, members of the group Fairness Parkersburg held a rally outside the Parkersburg municipal building before Tuesday's City Council meeting.

More than two dozen members vowed they would not go away, despite city council's rejection of a non-discrimination ordinance two weeks ago.

"I hope that it will let the council know that we're not going away," says Jeanne Peters. "I think there was the belief that with the end of the NDO - in THEIR minds, the end of it, when they voted it down-- that everything would stop, that we would go away, that we would stop asking for the inclusion and protection that the ordinance offered. "We need to let them know that's not happening, and that's why people showed up tonight."

In other action, Parkersbug City Council adopted a so-called "crime house" ordinance unanimously.

Despite great confusion how the measure would be implemented, Mayor Tom Joyce described it as another tool to assist landlords, property owners and the administration to improve neighborhoods.

After a half-hour of discussion and questions from every member of council, the measure was passed 7-0.