UPDATE: Leavitt Funeral Home starts "Hugs from Home"

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - UPDATE: 03/27/2020

While the funeral homes still are taking precautions, Leavitt Funeral Home has launched a site where anyone from anywhere can send messages to loved ones when one has passed away.

It is called "Hugs from Home," and it is on their website, where people can leave a message to the family that is going through a difficult time.

This has become relevant because of the nationwide ban of groups of larger than 10. Funeral homes can no longer operate large gatherings for services. People can now send messages in for the families to read.

"It's almost like when you send flowers," said Jon Leavitt, owner and funeral director of Leavitt Funeral Home. "But, this is verbal so what we want them to feel is that their thoughts and well wishes and support, their words are going to get to the family during that really difficult time when they walk in to the room."

Those wishing to send messages can go on the website at https://www.leavittfuneralhome.com/resources/hugs-from-home

They can also call (304) 422-6459.


While funeral homes are not directly affected by the large gathering ban from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Leavitt Funeral Homes are still taking those precautions.

They have started to limit gatherings for funeral services indoors to be private, and only for immediate family members.

Family members that are showing symptoms of an sort, are advised to stay at home, as some services may begin to be filmed and live streamed on their website.

Leavitt Funeral Home has signs around their building reminding guests to keep sanitized.

"Funeral homes are technically not under the guidelines," said Jon Leavitt, owner and director of Leavitt Funeral Homes. "What we're seeing is that even the gatherings are not even that large. We're actually setting up our large chapels, so fortunately we have some large chapels for our families, so we're setting them up so that they're not in close proximity."