Galaxy Food Center talks changes since coronavirus

ST. MARYS, W. Va. Officials say grocery stores are one place that likely won't be shut down because of the coronavirus. The Galaxy Food Center in Saint Marys has stayed busy during this time of uncertainty, while taking precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Owner Casey Edwards says his staff is allowed to take as many breaks as they need to wash their hands.Sanitizing stations are at the registers, and workers are wiping down the store as much as possible.

But Edwards says, a major problem most stores are having is the high demand for supplies.

"We are getting some limits from our distributors and warehouses on that front," said Casey Edwards, Galaxy Food Center, owner. "Hopefully, next week things start to slow down a little bit. Those supply chains will start to open back up, some limits will get restricted, taken away and we'll get our orders fulfilled."

Customers say they still have to come out to the store to pick up items and say they are taking precautions to stay healthy.

Edwards suggests that people help out the elderly in their communities so they can avoid coming out of the house.

"Call your elderly friend, your elderly neighbor, a friend who needs the help, come get the order for them, place the order, the elderly might not be able to use that online system as well as some younger people do; help them out with that," said Edwards.

Edwards says the store is trying to create six feet of social distancing in the store between customers and staff to try to keep everyone healthy.

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