UPDATE: Gallia County Sheriff's Office solves animal slaying, brings new alpaca to little girl

From left to right: Josie, Easter Brownie and Cooper
From left to right: Josie, Easter Brownie and Cooper(WTAP)
Published: Apr. 12, 2020 at 5:39 PM EDT
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UPDATE: 4/12/2020 7:22 P.M.

On Tuesday, April 7th, Becky Blazer heard what she says sounded like a truck backfiring from her home on Gage Road in Gallia County. She looked out to see a truck stopped on the road and her two alpacas standing outside their stalls. Then, she heard another loud noise and one of the family's alpacas dropped to the ground.

Pinkie the alpaca had been shot.

"When I ran to the back porch, and I opened the door, I heard the second shot and I only saw one alpaca and I went and got my husband. They took off. By the time we got down there to her, she was already gone," said Blazer. "They stopped in the road and just shot her."

Gallia County Sheriff's deputies investigated the killing and identified three juvenile suspects by the next afternoon. Sheriff Matt Champlin says the three will be facing charges.

Blazer says the other alpaca, Goldie, was distraught from the loss of its companion.

And the impact was felt by the family as well. Pinkie was given to Blazer's five year-old daughter Josie as a gift after a battle with cancer.

"She took it fairly well for the most part. I mean, she was upset and hurt and I don't think she quite understood why someone would do something like that," said Blazer.

Sheriff Champlin says there wasn't a way his department could bring back the lost pet, but with the help of a local veterinarian, Dr. Angie Dahse, her husband and their staff, the sheriff's office brought a new alpaca to the Blazer family on Easter.

A six month old male alpaca, originally named Chewbacca, was delivered to Josie and her brother Cooper by the Sheriff and several deputies. Blazer had to warn her kids ahead of time so they didn't get too excited and frighten the animal.

"She was very excited, she was tickled," said Blazer.

Josie and Cooper renamed the alpaca "Easter Brownie," a combination of what each kid wanted to name him.

"This is probably one of the most rewarding days of my career," said Champlin.

"It almost leaves me speechless that there are such kind and generous people out there that are that thoughtful, that would do something like this," said Blazer.


A little girl in Gallia County recently lost a beloved pet when someone shot and killed her alpaca at her family’s home on Gage Road in Patriot.

According to a post on the Galia County Sheriff's Facebook page, the alpaca was shot on April 7th and died from its wounds.

The pet had been given to the little girl as a gift after a fight with cancer.

Sunday, with the help of Four Seasons Veterinary Clinic, the sheriff's office delivered a new alpaca to the little girl.

While the post says the lost pet can't be replaced, it also says deputies were able to brighten a little girl’s Easter.

The Gallia County Sheriff's Office was able to identified the individuals responsible for the shooting. They will be facing charges.

WTAP has reached out to the sheriff’s office for comment. We hope to hear from them soon.

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