Gallia County family looking for two missing service dogs

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GALLIA COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) - ORIGINAL STORY: 12/17/2018, 12:19 P.M.

A family in Gallia County hopes their two service dogs, 2-year-old Harley and 3-year-old Bear, return home after they disappeared Sunday from the family's home on Paxton Road.

Owner Angel Hudman reached out to local media in hopes of bringing her pets home.

She says her German Shepherds, Harley and Bear, are both service dogs.

One dog helps with her husband's PTSD (he is a disabled veteran) and the other serves as a "stabilizer" dog.

Hudman explained that she has trouble with certain movements, and the stabilizer dog will help her walk up and down stairs and pick things up after she drops them.

Harley and Bear are primarily indoor dogs and Hudman says they never leave the yard or go beyond the fence.

That's why she didn't think much of it when they didn't come back inside Sunday morning.

She just assumed they were in their dog house.

She did notice they were muddy when she saw them outside last.

Hudman left for church with plans to give them a bath when she got home.

When she returned, the dogs were gone.

Now she isn't entirely sure that they were in the dog house at all.

It also makes it more difficult to pinpoint a time they went missing.

Because this is so out of character for her pets, Hudman believes they may have been stolen, but she can't be sure.

The family is working on putting together a reward.

She guesses it will be at least $500.

The Gallia County Sheriff's Office posted about the dogs on Facebook, and asks anyone with information on the dogs to call the Sheriff's Office at 740-446-1221.