Generous neighbors serve Thanksgiving meal to community in need

PARKERSBURG, (WTAP) - At the corner of Lynn Street and Charles Street in Parkersburg, a crowded corner full of local citizens, doing their part to give back this holiday season.

“I want them to have a great thanksgiving dinner. Not just a good, one, I want them to have everything. Every single thing we have in our homes, I want them to have in theirs.” Explains Teresa Racer. She says it all started in her living room, when she received a sign.

“It’s not really us doing this God sent us out here. Racer explains to a community member receiving food from her donation. “I want you to show my people my love. I don't want you to preach to them, I don't want you to do anything but feed them, clothe them, help them in any way that you can.”

With the helping hands of her fellow parishioners, and the generous donations from Sam’s Club where she works, her days off over the last four weeks have been spent at this corner. Serving food to the public.

“The best part of all though is the strangers, I'm going to cry seriously. People have come out of everywhere to help me. Like this meal here today is costing us $800 and we didn't have to pay a penny.” Racer says.

For the holiday this week, they served a Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings
“it is delicious too.” One thankful recipient said.

Racer says her and her team will be out all winter, rain, snow or shine.

“To me it means a lot because I'm not saying we have a lot but to me to have a good hot meal, it means a lot. It meant a lot to my grandchildren, it meant a lot to my mom who didn't have to make anything and it meant a lot to me also.” Jessica Stark-Omogunloye explains.

Racer says it’s been wonderful interacting with all the people. “I've met some of the most amazing people and you know that's the thing that people don't realize about this situation. They are not bad people, they just have hard luck.”

Those serving the food and those taking it home may walk in different shoes, but they all benefit from the spirit of giving.

“I thought we were coming out here to help them, they helped me. Seriously, they've helped us all, we see life differently and see things differently now.” Racer adds. “It's just emotional though, it really is. It just touches your heart.”

Stark-Omogunloye says, “All I can say is I do thank them very very much.”

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