WATCH NOW: Parts 1-3 of Giving Back: Helping Hands in the Mid-Ohio Valley

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The Mid-Ohio Valley is home to two nationally accredited area foundations, the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and the Marietta Community Foundation.

It is also home to the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, a worldwide non-profit organization.

All three hold a huge impact on the community, funding over fifty non-profit agencies.

Judy Sjostedt, the Executive Director of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation says,“we work to inspire philanthropy, to engage local citizens in finding solutions to the issues of our area, and deliver results that matter to our local people.”

“We’re here because we want to support our local nonprofits, says Heather Allender, the President and CEO of the Marietta Community Foundation. "We want every individual in Washington County to be philanthropic, that’s our goal."

“United Way’s impact is so broad, says Stacy DeCicco, Executive Director. "It is funding crisis programs. We’re supporting crisis programs and dealing with issues like homelessness, but we’re also funding programs that are impacting things childcare for working families and youth recreation programs and public libraries.”

Agencies rely on funding, but also manpower.

"Volunteers keep the nonprofits going in this community, says DeCicco. "Most of them would not be able to keep their doors open if they didn’t have a good strong core of volunteers."

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