Good things happening in Wood Co.

Published: Oct. 28, 2019 at 9:47 PM EDT
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There are lots of opportunities for employment in Wood County, says an economic development expert.

Executive Director Lindnsey Piersol addressed the public Monday evening on Economic Development in Wood County.

The League of Women Voters welcomed almost two dozen to the Vienna Community Building for the hour long question and answer session.

Piersol has a very positive outlook for Economic Development on the horizon.

"My message tonight was to be optimistic about the things that are going on in Wood Co.," explains Lindsey Piersol. "You hear a lot of times the bad things but everywhere you look now there's something new being built or something being renovated, there's new jobs coming and I think that's something to celebrate."

Piersol points to training available through WVUP and the Caperton center as the best bet for future employment.

But she also warns one of the biggest concerns for prospective employers is the Opioid Epidemic and getting people to show up for work each day.

She says there are several prospective employers in the works right now that she can't yet divulge.