Gospel Mission Food Pantry owner recovers after horrific crash

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Candy Waite is back at the Gospel Mission Food Pantry, where she is the director and operator, after a crash in May left her to be absent and recover for a few months.

Candy and her husband Jeff were hit head-on by a 20-year-old driver who went left of center on Ohio State Route 550, right outside of Marietta.

Jeff suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash, and has since made a full recovery. But, Candy was left with a broken back, neck, and now uses a cane to help her walk.

During Candy's absence from the pantry, the community stepped into assist where needed. Volunteers and local businesses put together food and benefit drives to ensure the pantry ran as normal...just as Candy would want.

"All the volunteers that has kept Gospel Mission Food Pantry going in our absence has been such a blessing to me, to the community and to those who are in need", said Waite.

However, after months of healing and recovery, Candy is back at the pantry, but only on a limited basis, around a few hours a day.

Jeff and Candy say they can't thank the community enough for their support via prayers, texts, and phone calls after the crash.

The Gospel Food Mission Pantry has been active for 10 years in the Marietta community and continues to provide food, clothes, and necessities to those in need.