Gov. Justice holds town hall event in Vienna

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West Virginia's governor spoke and fielded questions for more than an hour and a half Tuesday night, at what his campaign billed as a "town hall" event.

It drew hundreds who made reservations for the event at Vienna's Grand Pointe Conference Center.

Topics discussed ranged from the opioid crisis and the state's economy, to local issues, including at one point the Wood County Schools proposed consolidation plan.

The governor also discussed an executive order recently signed by President Donald Trump-one he believes will eventually bring an ethane cracker to the area.

"Is that going to happen in the next six months? No, it's not," the governor told us. "But is that going to happen in the next year and a half, a real, live commitment? I do believe that it is. And I do believe that's a reality that's going to happen."

Justice added that would likely become more of a reality if he and Trump are re-elected in 2020.

He told the audience he believes the Wood County cracker site planned back in 2013-one now up for sale by the company who planned to build it-is still in play for the project.

The governor says, in spite of recent revenue shortfalls for July and August, West Virginia's economy still looks good.

And he believes growing the economy can provide answers to many of the state's problems.

He did not make mention of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin's decision-announced earlier in the day-to stay in the Senate instead of running for his old job as governor.

But Justice did speak of the Democratic presidential candidates-none of which, he said, had ideas that were in the best interests of the Mountain State.