Local grocery stores stay busy during virus outbreak

Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 10:14 PM EDT
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Local grocery stores are some of the only businesses that remain open, after several orders from both President Trump and state leaders.

They have seen a tremendous uptick in business in the past week, and are doing everything they can to keep stocked.

Warren's IGA in Marietta has a limit on their paper products.

Customers are able to buy only two of each item.

Meanwhile, stores with a more specific customer base are also thriving.

Dave Hawkins, owner of Mother Earth Foods in Parkersburg, says the demand for immune boosting medicines and teas has been extremely high.

Both of these stores and many more are also making sure they are extra careful, and sanitize their stores regularly.

They want to reassure the public that they will continue to stock their shelves, and urge buyers not to buy everything at once, and leave supplies for the rest of the community.