Harmony Ridge Recovery holds open house

Published: Dec. 6, 2019 at 6:16 PM EST
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Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, located at Mountwood Park, opened it's doors to the public on Friday for an open house.

Members of the community gathered and conversed, as well as taking a tour of some of the center's facilities.

Harmony Ridge does not treat their patients like other rehab centers do. They make it a point to build strong relationships with their patients, and treat them as they would a family member.

"Building those types of like very intimate relationships with people where they feel trusted, and we trust in them and they trust in us," said Patrick Crilley, Executive Director at Harmony Ridge. "It allows for people to be able to grow and a good foundation to be able to be successful when they leave here with a great opportunity to find happiness again."

One of those patients who has shown growth is Brandon Hayes. He came to Harmony Ridge from Florida, and says the relationships he has built with the staff and other patients is something he will never forget.

"At first I was a little hard-headed and stubborn, and then just being around everybody here has been nothing but love and it's a great place," said Hayes. "The relationships I have built here has been more of a family that I haven't had in a long time. And this place is nothing but love and all the staff is great, all the people that you come across, and hearing everybody's story, it's all the same, and it's just wonderful."

Jamelle Page is another patient that has felt like Harmony Ridge really turned him in the right direction.

"Not only has Harmony Ridge got me off drugs, but they've also saved my life, so it's just been amazing," said Page. "The staff here, they don't treat you like clients, they treat you like family. And, it's just the utmost respect and everything's just been really good."

Each patient goes through their own treatment plan, and they are sent out with a new outlook on life.