Hawaii: April Fool's and Fun Facts

Lahaina, HI (WTAP) A number of great April Fool's jokes were played on our travelers during this trip.

First, our tour director Gail passed out napkins to all 26 of us, and then an odd cut-out. On one side, it looked like a paper capital E, but on the other side, it was painted or colored brown!

Get it? She made us all brown E's.... (Brownies)

We laughed and groaned.

Next, one of our members caught us off-guard first thing Saturday morning with a report that "It was all over CNN, Trump has made another of his executive orders and instituted a travel ban on ALL entry back to the USA." We were going to have to cut our trip short and try to return immediately!

Of course, none of that was true, and some saw through it immediately! But others were swallowing it "Hook, line and sinker," including Gail, until it was revealed as a joke after about ten seconds.

Now who could have come up with that one?

Here are some fun facts about Hawaii:

The islands were originally called "The Sandwich Islands" in honor of the Earl of Sandwich. And, no, he had nothing to do with Subway.

A "sub" refers to an underwater submersible in the Hawaiian islands.

Captain Cook was probably the first of European explorers to discover the islands. He died on the Kona Coast after a misunderstanding of sorts with the natives. They ambushed and killed him upon his return.

The Kona coast is home to a brand of Kona coffee. However, the true home of this coffee is the island of Kaui, which boasts better coffee due to older, volcanic soil!

The soil of Kaui is much redder than other islands, and the Islanders have capitalized on this by dyeing shirts red, calling it the "Original Dirt Shirt," but a version of the shirt is sold on all Hawaiian islands.

Kaui can be spelled two ways: Kuaui is also correct!

And finally, have I mentioned the difficulty that I am having writing these updates?! I have a new tablet instead of a laptop, and the spellcheck is changing some words without my permission or noticing!

As a result, my language is not flowing like I would like. Also, it's pretty hard to type on a touch screen! As a result, I am using a hybrid of "hunt and peck," and "point and click on the suggestions," as the tablet thinks I want to write certain words. It's pretty frustrating, but it's the best I can do on this trip!

And last, the thumbnail images of pictures I have to choose from are so small and limited, that it's barely recognizable and sometimes only tangential to my topic.

And that brings us full circle to an old news story about a woman killed by a shark from years ago. A search for "Maui" thumbnails turned up a map with a graphic that I didn't realize mentioned the old shark death. So sorry if that surprised some of you. It really wasn't intentional.

At least one of the statements above isn't exactly accurate. But in he spirit of April Fool's Day.... I leave you guessing which it is!


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