Health and wellness centers provide assistance during re-open

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 7:21 PM EDT
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With states beginning to re-open, many people have suffered mentally from the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, many health and wellness centers in the area are working their hardest to assist those affected as this transition begins.

The Co-Owner and Counselor of the Counseling Health and Wellness Center in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Michael Moore, states that, "even as businesses and life begins to re-open, it doesn't mean that everything will go back to being the same as it was before."

They have said that many of their patients have been coming in with newfound anxiety and social disorders since the start of the pandemic. It's severely impacted their ability to have a strong support system and to find activities for themselves.

The Counseling center has provided much-needed assistance for those dealing with these new stresses in their lives. This is in turn whether it be in-person sessions or something using their tele-health option that is available on their website.

Stephen Givens, Co-owner and counselor of the Wellness Center, states that, "now is as important as any time to help your mental state."

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