Heavy rains and cooler temperatures impact farmers

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 8:24 PM EDT
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Temperatures for the month of April and so far for the month of May have been cooler than normal. We have also had above average rain fall so far this month, with a few inches falling over the just past couple of days. These two factors have caused problems for local farmers as all of this rain has caused farmers to be delayed in planting their crops.

"I've put tomatoes out on April 16th when the weather is good and they've worked beautifully," said Farmer Tom Fagan. "Obviously that hasn't worked this year. We have been kind of holding back a little bit, thinking the weather would warm up and now obviously it is wet. This is going to cause fungus problems, root rot and just a hard time getting them in."

"We got a good start until the last few days of rain put everything to a halt," said Farmer Dave Kesterson. "We're just behind and waiting around right now."

The Freeze Warning and Frost Advisories that were issued also brought challenges to farmers across the area.

"As far as the cold, we've done the best we can," said Todd Stacy, Co-Owner of Stacy Family Farm. "We did a lot of frost protecting early on to protect the bloom and the early berries. But now, we are finally getting the sunshine that we need, a little later than usual, but you can't control mother nature."

There is some good news for farmers, as warmer temperatures and drier conditions are in the forecast.

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