Henderson Hall hosts first fall festival

WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (WTAP) - Henderson Hall in Williamstown held its first fall festival Sunday.

The hall is a historic landmark in the community and decided to show residents how things were created.

There were blacksmiths, wood carvers, glass blowers, and much more.

Children got the opportunity to experience how things were made before.

"I think more than anything its just an interesting to look at how the older tractors and how equipment used to work and what people used in their daily lives," Modesitt, director.

"Henderson Hall is a treasure for this area and a lot of people don't even know its here. It's completely stuff, I tell people that we got 150 percent of all the contents that are here because there's even more than what's in the house. You can find it from every generation to the late 1700s to the more modern stuff," Ritchey, volunteer.

Henderson Hall has a lot of plans for building and adding new attractions for future events.

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