High on Hope Ministries to take message to Philippines

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - A group of people from the area is taking the fight against the drug epidemic overseas.

Tim Craft leads High on Hope Ministries, a ministry-based recovery organization that has a facility in Malta, Ohio. Now he wants to take the program to the Philippines.

"Here you have 100 little organizations that do something to try to fight the addiction problem, over there they have nothing," Craft said.

He got the idea from Tim Burch, the pastor at the 14th Avenue Gospel Mission Church in Parkersburg. Burch has been to the Philippines several times and saw the problems there firsthand.

"They know it's a problem, they know it needs fixed, they don't have tools to really help them and that's where High on Hope comes into place. We can hopefully give them tools to be able to handle the drug addiction that they're seeing as well," Burch said.

Next month, Craft and Burch will be part of a group of over a dozen people trying to offer that help.

"We also want to go in and spread the same message that we've been delivering here in the Mid-Ohio Valley for the past few years. That message of freedom, that there is an answer, that there is hope and so going into the schools and making the kids aware and spreading that hope and also into the jails is a great way to get that message across," Craft said.

"Going into the jails and into the schools and also focusing on teaching the pastors there we're hoping to leave a good footprint there when we leave," Burch said.

And for Craft, the former addict is humbled to see his dream of helping others come true.

"I do believe this is God's plan but at the same time you just got to take a step back sometimes and just remember how grateful you are for the opportunities God's given because it's really cool," Craft said.

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