How to monitor Human Trafficking in law enforcement

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio (WTAP) - Human Trafficking is a common issue across America, and particularly in the state of Ohio.

Though it is a common issue, it is very difficult to investigate and eventually make arrests in those cases.

Some cases can take weeks before making arrests. An example is that law enforcement would have to get an anonymous tip, and have to survey the area until they find substantial evidence to use in an arrest.

Washington County has seen a fair share of human trafficking cases, but not many in the recent past.

The Washington County Sheriff says that areas may think they have low numbers of human trafficking, but numbers do not always tell the story.

"The more people you put working the offense, then the better you are at being exact in your statistics," said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks. "Some places that have low statistics doesn't mean they don't have any trafficking, it means that they just don't know how much trafficking they've got."

Mincks also says that his units and others in the state go through extensive training on how to handle delicate cases like those of human trafficking.