How to remain fit and healthy while gyms are closed

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - On Wednesday, West Virginia governor Jim Justice ordered that all gyms and fitness centers were to be closed for two weeks amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Representatives from the WVU Medicine Health and Wellness Center still want to make sure that everyone stays healthy and fit through exercise in their homes without needing to enter any gyms.

If not quarantined or in self-isolation, some activities such as riding your bike, or going on a run or hike are safe and fun to do outdoors.

If quarantined, they offered up many exercises to do in home, including the use of regular household items to substitute for gym equipment.

"Be smart about it," said Louie Haer, Director of the Health and Wellness Center. "If you're allowed to do things, stay in your house, again do body-weight exercises, push-ups, burpees, dips off the back of the chair. You can take canned foods you hvae at home and do curls. Shoulder exercises, just a variety of things you can do, walk around your house just keep moving."

Soon, the Health and Wellness Center will also be offering Facebook live streaming for in-home exercises.