Hundreds of middle school students visit Washington State Community College

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Middle school students from all over Washington County and Noble County are at Washington State Community College Thursday and Friday for the 27th Annual Young Engineers and Scientists Days.

The over 800 students visiting Washington State over the next two days will get to hear from over 40 different presenters from around the region. YES organizer Ashleigh Pennock says that YES is usually based solely on STEM fields, but they’ve recently been trying to incorporate more arts and humanities to give students uninterested in science and technology something to explore.

According to Pennock kids are being encouraged to look toward a career earlier and earlier in their education, and she hopes that YES will give students ideas about their futures.

“By the time a student gets to college, they need to have an idea which path they want to take. And so the sooner we can help students start to decide, maybe which path they’re interested in and make an informed decision, the better off the students are going to be,” said Pennock.

Students spent around 20 minutes at each station. Pennock said the funeral home presenters comparing modern embalming to ancient embalming were one of the most popular stations.