UPDATE: Officials discuss future of Hune Covered Bridge

Published: Jan. 9, 2020 at 4:23 PM EST
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UPDATE: 01/21/2020

The Washington County Engineer's Office has revealed plans for the long-term future of the historic Hune Covered Bridge.

The bridge closed to transportation due to a landslip, and while the slip is not destructive enough that it could destroy the bridge, officials are developing a plan to move the bridge upstream of the Muskinghum river.

It is estimated that at least five years will pass before any construction is made to relocate the bridge.

The Engineer's office submitted an application to the state Senate to attempt to get "historic funding" for this project. It is estimated to cost around $700,000. It will be at least two years before a decision is made from the state Senate.

For now, the Office has plans to renovate the bridge for future use at it's current location. They will have a crew out there to hopefully be able to re-open the bridge to traffic by this summer.

"What we want to do is try to stabilize the pier," said Roger Wright, Washington County Engineer. "We anticipate not really having an answer for a few years on whether we are going to remove the structure and still do some planning. So, in the mean time, we're going to try to stabilize the pier, and take some corrective actions, that way the bridge can re-open."

This currently leaves the Bell Covered Bridge in Barlow as the only operating covered bridge in Washington County.

ORIGINAL STORY: 01/09/2020

The Historic Hune Covered Bridge is being closed for travel until further notice according to the Washington County Engineer's Office.

The bridge, located off State Route 26 near Dart, Ohio, was built in 1879, and goes across the Little Muskinghum River.

Landslip activity that occurred in recent days has caused the closure.

According to the Washington County engineer, due to the water raising and lowering, the landslip could cause more damage to the bridge.

There is no timetable for construction completion on the Hune bridge.

Anyone with questions about the bridge may call the Washington County Engineer's Office at (740) 376-7430.