Hunting for Elves in Downtown Parkersburg

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PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- There's just five more days left to find an elf... For the Downtown Parkersburg 'Elf Hunt' of course.

For the second year in a row, 'Downtown PKB' has hosted the elf hunt as an effort to bring more foot traffic to the downtown area. Twenty businesses are participating and it's free to join the quest.

It started on the fifth of December and ends the 31st. Those from 'Downtown PKB' hope to have a lot of participants....

"It's a good way to increase foot traffic in our downtown businesses and it's also a good way for the businesses to use the elf as a promotional tool for marketing and sales within their own business. So some of the businesses have offered specials if they could find the elf within their store. And they're encouraged to move the elf around in their store and interact with their customers as they come in to find the elf," said Wendy Shriver from 'Downtown PKB.'

There are several prizes waiting this year for the winners... So if you'd like to join the hunt, forms are available on Downtown PKB's website along with a list of participating businesses.

For anyone who misses out, they plan to hold it again next year.

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