IHOP's "Free Pancake Day" raises money for children's hospitals

GLENDALE, CA (NBC) -- IHOP celebrated its 14th annual Free Pancake Day Tuesday nationwide. Along with flipping plenty of flapjacks, the chain used the event to help support children's hospitals.


Customers could get a free short stack of pancakes, but are encouraged to leave a donation. That gift goes toward helping Children's Miracle Network hospitals, which includes WVU Medicine Children's hospital in Morgantown. WVU Medicine is the parent company of Camden Clark Medical Center.

The dine-in only deal, valued at about $5.79, is limited to one short stack per guest.

The location in Marietta is running the promotion until 10:00 p.m. Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews challenged any customers to top his donation.

"He actually donated a $100 balloon and he told me to make sure that everybody's challenged to do that $100 donation," general manager Mark Hutchison said. "So if you're out there and you want help come to Marietta IHOP and donate a $100 or five dollars or two dollars. It doesn't really matter just coming down and helping the cause and again like I said make sure you come in for the children. That's what it's all about."