It's Income Tax time

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Income tax season is officially under way.

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And a long-time area tax preparer reminds taxpayers not to wait too long to have your taxes done.

The deadline for filing your taxes in 2020 is April 15. And now that most have received their W-2 and other forms, taxpayers are beginning to come to preparers' offices.

A local tax preparer, one with more than 50 years in the business, says you can get an extension to send in your tax returns, but not an extension to pay taxes you owe.

"You don't want the IRS to be your creditor, or your lender," says Robert Astorg. "They charge interest compounded daily. You're better off if you think you'll owe tax to start saving before you get to April 15, so that you've got the money when the tax return is due."

Meanwhile, the West Virginia Attorney General's office reminds residents to protect their personal information when preparing and filing taxes.

That includes their Social Security numbers, birthdays and other sensitive information that could be available to scammers.

Astorg says electronic filing can be helpful to taxpayers because it gives them an electronic receipt of sorts when the information is filed with the IRS.

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