It's the deputy director's last election with Washington County Board of Elections

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - This may not be her last election, but it is Peggy Byers last election as the Deputy Director of the Washington County Board of Elections.

Byers is retiring on the last day of the year after a 13 year tenure with the board.

She says she was ready for a career change back in 2006, and because her kids were mostly finished with their educations, she felt she could take on a new challenge.

She and her husband stay busy traveling nearly two weekends a month, and they’re expecting grandchildren soon.

She says she feels a little down about leaving, but she’s looking forward to retirement.

“We’re campers. We really love world traveling; we’ve done quite a bit of that with his Matheeney GMC dealership job before. And of course as i say, we’re expecting twin grandchildren now, so of course I’d like to help out with that,” said Byers.

The board of elections has been looking for a replacement deputy director, but Byers says she will try to stay involved with elections when she can.