Jackson County church starts aquaponic garden to feed the hungry

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RAVENSWOOD, W.Va.(WTAP)- Aquaponics. It’s the combination of aquaculture, or raising of fish, and hydroponics, which is soil-less growing of plants.

It is also a new way for a Jackson county church to reach out into their community.

Pastor Mary Beth McCloy feels the project will give back to the community in many ways. “With aquaponics, the vegetables and fish provide the needed protein and needed vitamins for those who maybe can’t get the best produce”

Alongside their other feeding programs… the life spring community church started this project because they had the perfect setting for it.

Pastor McCloy says, “so we looked around and said ‘well we’ve got this green house, it’s just sitting there. What can we do with it that will help us meet folks in the neighborhood, and help folks in the neighborhood?’ it’s just a good way of using what we’ve already got.”

With the project still in its early stages… the church will take it one step at a time with a goal of expanding the system to multiple rows and tanks.

Pastor McCloy says, “We are just working getting the water flow correct, because we want the water to be perfect and to be healthy before we introduce the fish. I am told that the fish will be ready to eat within 6 months after they first arrive. And of course the vegetables, you know hopefully within a month we will have some things that folks can eat.”

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