Jackson Memorial Fountain being rebuilt

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 5:55 PM EST
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The last fountain in Parkersburg City Park was practically destroyed by a windstorm, but according to Mayor Tom Joyce, the Jackson Memorial Fountain is being rebuilt.

Joyce says the fountain will be roughly 90% new, with a few pieces of the old fountain mixed in. He also says the Alabama based company doing the rebuild is highly qualified for the job.

The fountain is being recreated out of cast iron to be as historically accurate as possible. It will also be painted.

The fountain is expected to be back in City Park by early next year and it will work properly.

“It hadn’t worked in some time, worked properly, but that’s the other piece. This thing is going to work. I mean we’re going to [purchase and install] new pumps, new water lines, so it’s going to work like it did,” said Joyce.

The majority of the fountain’s cost has been covered by the Jackson Memorial Fund.