Jackson Memorial Park adding new activities

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VIENNA, W. Va. (WTAP) - Jackson Memorial Park in Vienna has added more playground equipment for kids, but more elaborate projects are in the works.

Among the attractions added were a rock climbing wall, and a spider-web for kids to climb on.

The park is adding an adult outdoor gym to the premises, as well as an 18-hole disc golf course. These will be added to make sure adults have fun just as children do in the park.

Both projects have been in talks for a couple of years, but they are expecting to be built within the next month.

Vienna Parks and Recreation noticed that adults want to be able to enjoy themselves for a full day in the park just as the kids do.

"We've got this beautiful park and all these things for kids to play on," said Linda Kern, Vienna Community Event planner. "Now we need something for the adults to do. And that's what brings this park together."

The department also says they have already gotten positive feedback from the community about the additions.

"We've heard a number of things from some of the people, " said Parks Director Steve Black. "Everybody is really excited about this."

The gym is set to open mid-November, while the disc golf course is going to open sooner than that.